Marathon Listing

Eventually I will get to write about each of my marathons and ultras…

As of March 2015, the current count is 35 marathons, and 5 ultras… 40 the grand total. I took a break from June 2014 once I hit 40 marathons, here is why. I wonder how many 2015 will bring?

Here is the list so far – Wherever there is a link, I have a race report on the event. Where I dont have a link… its on it way (I promise…)

Type  Date  Country Event Name
Marathon 25/04/2015 Ireland Longford Canal Marathon
Marathon 29/03/2015 Slovakia Bratislava Marathon
Marathon 28/06/2014 Ireland Viking Waterford
Marathon 02/06/2014 Ireland Cork
Marathon 06/04/2014 Italy Milan
Marathon 23/02/2014 Japan Tokyo
Marathon 28/10/2013 Ireland
Marathon 28/09/2013 Northern Ireland
Causeway Coast
Ultra 25/05/2013 Italy Passatore 100k
Marathon 06/05/2013 Ireland Limerick
Marathon 07/04/2013 France Paris
Marathon 16/03/2013 Ireland Tralee, Kerry
Marathon 16/02/2013 Ireland Clonakilty – Back2Back
Marathon 16/02/2013 Ireland Clonakilty – Back2Back
Marathon 07/12/2012 Lanzarote Lanzarote
Marathon 29/10/2012 Ireland Dublin
Ultra 03/06/2012 Africa Comrades Ultra 89.2K
Marathon 06/05/2012 Ireland Limerick Marathon
Marathon 15/04/2012 Spain Madrid Marathon
Ultra 01/04/2012 Ireland Connemara Ultra
Ultra 04/03/2012 Italy Castiglione 58k Ultra
Marathon 22/02/2012 England Cotswolds, England
Marathon 12/01/2012 Israel Tiberias, Israel
Marathon 11/12/2011 Ireland Clonakilty
Marathon 21/11/2011 France Beaujolais
Marathon 31/10/2011 Ireland Dublin
Marathon 25/09/2011 Canada Montreal
Marathon 22/08/2011 Ireland Longford
Marathon 11/08/2011 Britain Isle of Man
Marathon 06/12/2010 France Nice Cannes
Marathon 29/10/2010 Ireland Dublin
Marathon 08/10/2010 Belgium Brussels
Marathon 21/11/2009 France Beaujolais
Marathon 30/10/2009 Ireland Dublin
Ultra 01/04/2009 Ireland Connemara Ultra
Marathon 22/02/2009 Spain Vallencia
Marathon 07/12/2008 Portugal Lisbon
Marathon 31/10/2008 Ireland Dublin
Marathon 08/10/2008 Holland Amsterdam
Marathon 30/10/2007 Ireland Dublin
Marathon 23/04/2006 England London
Marathon 22/04/2005 England London

4 thoughts on “Marathon Listing

  1. Airsea

    see you at tokyo marathon

  2. Fair play Mary! I knew you briefly back in your former life! Saw your name in the Irish Times get running promo and thought it was familiar.
    Your story will motivate me in the next few weeks to get back to running 🙂

    • ah thanks a mil Caroline – sorry I only see the post coming through now.. not sure where it went !
      A different life indeed, from your profile pic, it looks like you have your hands full these days too…
      many thanks for your message and indeed, hope it inspires you to get back running 🙂

  3. That is a really impressive list!!

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