About me

I run marathons (and the occasional ultra marathon) as an excuse to travel to new places, meet new people and try out new food. Maybe I dont need an excuse to do all these things, but I think I may be hooked on running marathons now !

For about 4 years I have talked about writing down my reports on various travel, food and marathon adventures. Finally, I’m about to start. Hope the stories will help anyone planning a marathon ‘holiday’ in terms of packing, fueling and making the most of your time away.

Running, Food and Travel are the perfect combination. There are so many places to go, foods to try, places to visit and people to meet. Runners, especially those who run/jog marathons at my speed, are quite a chatty bunch, and provide plenty distraction and entertainment during the race itself.

Beaujolais 2009

Cross the finish line and handed a bottle of wine and a medal which is a wine cup. You would be smiling too. Marathon du Beaujolais 2009

Beaujolais 2011

Running With Batman and handed a rose as I approach the finish


Finishing Smiles after 11 hour running – Comrades 2012

Running is all about balance. Its not just about the event itself;  the training and preparation are as much a part of the challenge. The race itself is, in fact, the reward for the training. When you have prepared well, you can enjoy the event, be grateful you can get out there and run, and in many cases surprise yourself with your capabilites.

I have been lucky enough to turn my hobby into my business. At Forget The Gym , I work with a team of super running coaches to motivate and inspire recreational runners  and beginners to think big, take on challenges and make running part of their life. For many of our students, the travelling and eating have also  become part of our running routine too – from running picnics to wine marathons in France.

Here is a list of my running holiday calendar  –  what do you think i should add next ?

Let me know if you have any recommendations for running holidays.. I’m always looking for a new adventure.

Mary x


3 thoughts on “About me

  1. Gloria Dykstra

    Mary, Do you have a contact email for questions? I run a running group (redundant…) in Dun Laoghaire, not too far from you, and just had a quick question about the first marathon and an injury. (about Dublin) Thanks so much Mary! – Gloria

  2. Just finished read your blog..really inspiring..one day I want to travel around the world as an excuse to run a marathon.. 🙂

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